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Laminitis Risk Update

As I’ve acknowledged before, one of the best things about my life has always been the opportunity to both teach and learn, and our recent Liberated Horsemanship clinic in La Llacuna, Spain was no exception. With people gathered from Spain, France, Austria, Russia, England, Scotland, and, of course, the United States, we all had a […]

It’s Here!

Last December I told you I had some big news to share with you, and the time has finally arrived. But first, a little background information… As you may have read elsewhere on this site, I have a particular interest in helping horse owners understand, and hopefully prevent, equine laminitis. The most common form of […]

Liberated Horsemanship

I’ve mentioned Liberated Horsemanship in passing before, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to discuss our upcoming clinics at the end of next month (9/28 – 10/2). From my perspective, what’s offered a couple of times a year in Warrenton, MO (an hour west of St. Louis) is of immense potential benefit to every […]

Pasture Time and Laminitis

I’m taking a quick break from the Hoof Angles series to comment on a very serious problem with the way we manage our horses: excessive caloric intake. Because of the unusually warm weather we’ve been experiencing here in Ohio, the pastures are especially lush right now. And with that lush grass comes a greatly-increased risk […]