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I’ve mentioned Liberated Horsemanship in passing before, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to discuss our upcoming clinics at the end of next month (9/28 – 10/2).

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From my perspective, what’s offered a couple of times a year in Warrenton, MO (an hour west of St. Louis) is of immense potential benefit to every horse and owner, regardless of breed, discipline, or  hoof care philosophy. Every presenter has many years of education and experience in his or her particular area of expertise, and each offers a science-based look at an ever-increasing array of subjects related to the management of the whole horse. Although all of us share our love of horses and our commitment to natural hoof care, each of us also has one or more areas of specialization that combine to form an education program that I believe is unparalleled. Where else can you hear a board-certified veterinary surgeon give you the “straight story” on what veterinarians are (and aren’t!) taught about hoof care, or a PhD research scientist at one of the top medical universities in the country discuss the effects of physical and psychological stress on horses? Get advice about forage and feeding from an agronomist, not the guy down the street. Learn about laminitis and founder from the veterinarian who funds the top laminitis researchers in the world, not from a magazine article. Dissect a cadaver hoof and gain a real appreciation for the marvelous design of the equine digit. The list goes on and on, but I encourage you to visit the website and read the biographies for yourself.

I always have a great time there. It’s a warm, inviting atmosphere that fosters learning and encourages questions. And provides answers. Consider that in this one location, you’re in immediate contact with trained natural hoof care professionals with a (rough estimate) minimum of forty thousand natural hoof trims under their collective belts! Every location, every breed, every age, every discipline, every health problem. If you need answers, I can’t think of a better place to get them!

And…there’s a good barbeque place nearby! 🙂


  1. James McElreath says:

    I really enjoyed the training, facility and knowledge of those presenting information. It was quite an over all fantastic experience! I additionally enjoyed the presentation given by Danny and Scott reguarding the Houston PD shoeless program as it was really informative, being a police person myself.

    The over all program was worth traveling for! I do believe I learned a lot and further opened my eyes as to why the use of horse shoes are not necessary!

    But, I would really would like to have an additional class on records management, to better track the horses we trim and basic business practices (sample forms to use etc).

    • Steve says:

      I’m in total agreement, James, that a basic class on business skills would be an extremely valuable addition to our training program, and I’m going to discuss that possibility with Dr. Nock.

      Thanks for your kind words about the program. I believe it’s the finest one out there, but then again, I’m sure I’m somewhat biased 🙂


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