The following images lead to printable (PDF) versions of selected posts. I’ll be adding to the list as time permits. Meanwhile, if there’s a particular post you’d like to see available in this format, please let me know!




The Myth of the Heel-First Landing

An in-depth look at a common misconception about landings





Navicular Disease

Background, diagnosis, and prevention & treatment of this devastating condition





Chipping Away

When can a hoof chip cause an issue, and how to know the difference




Half a Trim?

The perils of picking and choosing what should and shouldn’t be trimmed




Keeping Your (Horses) Cool - Part 1 Small Image

Keeping Your (Horses) Cool – Part 1

Learn how you can improve your barn’s current cooling system




Toy Story

The emotional tale of an incorrect hoof diagnosis and its near-disastrous results





Why horses are often sore after typical trimming and shoeing




What Makes it “Natural Hoof Care?”

The primary distinction between genuine natural hoof care and its many imitators






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