Opportunities Update!

Image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has slowed down – or stopped dead in their tracks – many of my typical chances to “spread the word” about proper hoof care these past two years. From cancelled local speaking engagements and university classes to national conferences, it’s definitely been much quieter than usual. But fortunately, the latter part of last year turned out to more than make up for many of the absent events, and 2022 promises to be even better!

In late September, Liberated Horsemanship held its most successful Gateway Clinic to date. Evenly divided between new and returning participants, they all tackled the 5 days of lectures and 167 cadaver legs at the award-winning White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, AZ. Beautiful scenery, first-rate accommodations, food, and amenities, and an ever-helpful staff – what an absolutely perfect clinic location, which is why we’ll be back!

In mid-November, Dora and I were presenters at the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association‘s national conference in Albuquerque, NM. This professional organization is comprised of veterinarians and doctors of human chiropractic medicine who’ve received further education in animal chiropractic. I did a 2-hour presentation entitled “Equine Hoof Imbalances and Their Whole-Body Implications” on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday, Dora and I had the opportunity to lead three laboratory sessions where Dora trimmed horses while I explained what and why we do what we do. All three sessions were well-attended, with excellent questions from the doctors, and it was great to see the obvious improvement in movement in all three of the horses Dora trimmed! This was my second time presenting at the AVCA’s national conference, and we look forward to a long relationship with this group. More on that subject later.

As is often the case, we had a Christmas holiday at the White Stallion Ranch where an unusual opportunity to speak happened to present itself. Russell True, one of the ranch owners whom I’ve known since 2000, does a regular podcast with author and retired rancher H. Alan Day (brother and biographer of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor) entitled “The Cowboy Up Podcast”, and asked me if I’d be willing to be interviewed about natural hoof care on their podcast! And so the three of us sat for about an hour discussing hoof care as well as some of my “past lives,” as I like to call them. You can listen to the podcast here.

On to 2022…

The Equine Affaire will return to Columbus, OH this April 7th – 10th, and yours truly has once again been asked to do a couple of presentations. The lecture is entitled “Cause & Effect in Equine Hoof Form: The Correlation between Hoof Shape, Conformation, and Movement,” during which I’ll discuss how proper hoof form is – or should be, if your hoof care provider is doing his/her job properly – the consequence of conformation and movement, and not the other way around. Dora and I will also be doing a hoof boot fitting demonstration, where we’ll show how to properly measure a hoof to get the best boot fit possible. Unfortunately, I don’t yet know when these presentations will be scheduled; the contracts arrived just this week! So stay tuned…

The very exciting news is that the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) has approved Liberated Horsemanship as a Continuing Education provider, which means we’ll now be sharing our knowledge directly with veterinarians and animal chiropractors from around the country on a regular basis! Our first vet/chiropractor-only event will be held this October at the White Stallion Ranch, and will focus on the inseparable connection between hoof and body health. If you believe your veterinarian or certified animal chiropractor would benefit from a more in-depth knowledge of equine hoof health and disease (and who wouldn’t?), and how they affect the entire horse’s well-being, please help us spread the word. You can read more about the 4-day clinic here.

And, Liberated Horsemanship will also be returning to the White Stallion Ranch to hold our 5-day 2022 International Gateway Clinic. As I mentioned above, last year’s clinic at the Ranch was an enormous success, and we hope to have as many participants this year for this absolutely unparalleled event in the world of hoof care education. Registration is now officially open and space is limited, so register soon!

Meanwhile, the introduction of my new Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge has been going well. I keep trying to find the time to finish up the “official” Enlightened Equine Products website, but life seems to have a way of foiling my attempts thus far. Also, I’ve completely redone the product ordering process to incorporate the shipping costs at checkout, thus fixing an issue that’s plagued me (and some of you as well!) since I first began selling Heel Balance Gauges several years ago. You can find the new order page here. And note the current special I’m offering: a white boot gauge, a Hairline Angle Gauge (for Scoot Boot fitting), access to the web-based Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator (FlexBoots and Swiss Galoppers to be added soon), and a Carrying Bag with your or your company’s name on it – all for $115! If you’re a hoof care professional, this device is sure to save you considerable time and frustration when it comes to fitting boots.

More new information on the way…I promise!