An Interview with The Animal Behaviorist

I readily admit it: although I arguably have a large and diverse set of skills, I’m certainly no animal behaviorist. But as I’ve told students for many, many years, the smart person is not the one who knows everything about a particular subject, but rather is the one who knows where to find the right answers to his or her questions about the subject.

Dr. Bruce Nock is the person I turn to for those right answers about training and behavior. As an animal behaviorist and scientist with a research career spanning over 40 years, Bruce is the type of experienced, “data-driven” resource I can count on to give me unbiased and scientifically accurate information. I find that particularly important in the horse world, where incorrect theories and a general misunderstanding of the science of animal training seem to flourish. So please consider participating with Bruce and me in our upcoming Facebook Live Event discussion of animal behavior and training – I know you won’t be disappointed!