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  1. Trisha Ranck says:

    I ordered two sets of the hoof measure and the angle, but it doesn’t look like I paid for shipping. Please let me know how to do that!!! Thank you!

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for the order! Yes, unfortunately, the PayPal buttons I use don’t allow me to add multiple items to an order in a nice, obvious manner (unlike how the up-and-coming website will), so things have to be added in one at a time by using the “Continue Shopping” button in the PayPal Cart to go back and add additional items or shipping costs. You’re certainly not the only person who’s had this problem. Please note that shipping costs are per item, so if you’re ordering more than one of something, you need to add the appropriate shipping amount for each item ordered (except the Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator). The instructions are on the order page.

      Best –

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