Headin’ West…

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, and Liberated Horsemanship has certainly been no exception. So when we started planning for our annual U.S. and U.K. Gateway Clinics for 2021, it became apparent we were going to have to make some changes — particularly in venues.

Enter the White Stallion Ranch. This award-winning, family-owned-and-operated guest ranch in Tucson, Arizona has been my “home away from home” vacation spot since 2000, and I’m extremely grateful to them for working closely with us to arrange special rates and accommodations so we can hold what will almost certainly be our only 2021 clinic offering – either here or abroad – at their amazing facility! And while the clinic schedule won’t allow us time to enjoy all of the ranch’s wonderful activities, we’ve arranged to have a slow mountain ride so everyone can experience the beauty of the Sonoran Desert from the back of a horse. Plus, we will have full access to all of the ranch’s incredible meals (special dietary needs accommodated) and their many and varied activities (heated pool, evening entertainment, recreation room, bar, fitness center, movie theater, and many more), all set against the backdrop of the most diverse of the U.S. deserts and home to the giant saguaro cacti that have come to symbolize the American West.

The clinic instructors will once again be Dr. Bruce Nock, Ann Corso, and myself (you can read a bit more about the various instructors’ credentials here), plus my wife Dora (Field Instructor, Certified Hoof Care Professional, and Licensed Straightness Training Instructor) will be joining us to provide support and translation assistance to any German-speaking attendees.

Make no mistake: If you’re serious about learning proper hoof care — as a career, as a horse owner interested in trimming his/her own horse’s hooves, or as a horse owner or zoo animal hoofstock handler who wants to be able to understand and recognize what constitutes correct hoof care and why — this is definitely the clinic for you. You’ll be learning from professional educators (not just “people who trim hooves”) with over 60 years of combined hoof care experience, and well over (dare I say it?) 100 years of combined experience as educators. This clinic has been attended by people from over 20 countries, and is constantly being updated. You’ll not only learn trimming theory, and spend lots of time honing your skills on cadaver hoof trimming, but you’ll also study all of the other management issues that affect the hoof form and function of all hooved animals: nutrition, environment, social setting, etc. And — especially important at a time when there is so much incorrect and unscientific information about hoof care available — we’ll discuss other trimming “philosophies” and their issues to help you sort out fact from fiction. You can check out a typical clinic schedule here.

One final and important note about the clinic itself: Liberated Horsemanship has always allowed anyone who has previously attended a Gateway Clinic to attend any future clinic offering — no matter where — for only our actual costs. In other words, once you’ve attended a clinic you’re welcome back any time for nothing more than what we have to spend to house and feed you. In my mind, this is an extremely valuable bonus; as I’ve mentioned, we’re constantly updating our material, and this gives you a low-cost opportunity to keep your skill set current and enjoy the company of other like-minded people!

So give some serious thought to joining us this September in Arizona; I guarantee you won’t regret it…