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An Interview with…Me!

Well, I guess turnabout’s fair play, so when Dr. Bruce Nock said he’d like to turn the tables and interview me, I could hardly refuse! The only thing Bruce has mentioned so far is that he wants to question me about what hooves can reveal about not only the feet themselves, but about the rest […]

The “Expert Syndrome”

One of the constant frustrations I encounter is nicely illustrated by the preceding clip from the 2004 – 2008 television show Wildfire. No, I’m not talking about chipped hooves and the common perception that they’re a problem; I hope I’ve adequately addressed that issue in earlier posts. What I’m talking about instead could perhaps be […]

The Shape of Things to Come

One of the many benefits of proper natural hoof care, as I’ve touched on in the past, is the way the hooves tend to retain their shape as they grow. The majority of my clients comment that before beginning natural hoof care, they knew when their horse was due for a trim by the presence […]

Chipping Away

I’m always trying to better understand, and therefore help clients understand, the horse and hoof issues that cause them (the horse owners) any sort of stress. So when I received a call from a client the other day who was concerned about a chip in her horse’s hoof, I decided I’d take the opportunity to […]

Natural Hoof Care Revisited (or “Promises, Promises”)

Some further reflection on my last Post, coupled with conversations and comments from several readers and clients, has made me want to add a few other thoughts regarding what constitutes genuine natural hoof care. In this case, I think it’s important (and, given the plethora of folks pretending to provide natural hoof care, becoming increasingly […]

Hoof Chipping Revisited

Last week was an interesting week in the “chips” department, beginning with the client, whose horse I’d trimmed only twice before, who called to cancel her appointment because her horse had chips in his hooves, and, therefore, needed to get him shod. “We tried,” she said, “but it’s just not working out.” A day or […]

Chips & Cracks

I occasionally get calls from sometimes very upset horse owners saying that his or her horse needs immediate attention because the horse’s hoof wall is chipping – usually at the toe, or sometimes in the heel quarters. Most of the time, these calls originate with owners who have had the horse barefoot for some period, […]