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Off to School…

A very quick estimate reveals that I’ve now spent well over 10,000 hours in university classrooms over the past 34 years, teaching a wide variety of technical subjects to students of all ages and backgrounds. Those teaching experiences, along with my other parallel careers/passions – electronics engineer, hoof care professional, recording engineer, and jazz musician […]

Hoof Angles – Part 5

Sorry for a bit more of a delay in getting this posted than I’d intended, but between managing clients, the end of the school Quarter, and attending the Berkshire International Film Festival with Annie last weekend, time has been tight. But hopefully you’ll find it was worth the wait! I’ve discussed some of the effects […]

Happy Holidays!!!

Andy and I just want to say “Thanks, and Merry Christmas” to all of our wonderful clients and friends! It’s certainly been a very busy year. Between caring for clients, teaching 25+ classes at Ohio State, and visiting Annie in Massachusetts, I’ve barely had time for anything else. Still, I was able to get this […]


This isn’t really an equine-related post, but one of the wonderful things about dating the very talented designer Annie Selke is her willingness to help where I fall short – in this case, her way-over-50% input on the redesign of the Enlightened Equine blog header, featuring a photo of my beloved Andero. I love the […]