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Tired of struggling with boot fitting? Our patent-pending Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge will make the task fast, easy, and accurate! Designed with the hoof care professional in mind, this gauge greatly simplifies and speeds up the hoof measurement process, resulting in fewer boot returns and a lot less frustration. Coupled with the included Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator software, the hoof care professional can both measure and find compatible hoof boots across six leading boot manufacturers in a matter of minutes using only the gauge and a smart phone, tablet, or laptop!

The gauge’s stop and slider parts are precision machined from high-density polyethylene on a computer numerical control (CNC) router, while the scratch-resistant acrylic scale plate is cut and engraved by CNC laser for precision measurements. The gauge is available in two different colors and comes with access to the web-based Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator to make in-the-field boot fitting and ordering a snap! Pair it with the Hairline Angle Gauge for easier and more reliable Scoot Boot fitting.

Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge in Black and White

Sample output from the Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator

Hairline Angle Gauge (for easier Scoot Boot fitting)

Packages (all include Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator)

  • Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge in Black
  • Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge in White
  • Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge in Black with Hairline Angle Gauge
  • Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge in White with Hairline Angle Gauge
  • Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator only

The Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge is shipped fully assembled with spare parts kit

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Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge in Black

Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge in White

Using the Hoof Boot Fitting Gauge

The gauge is remarkably quick and easy to use. Note that all boot manufacturers recommend boot measurements be taken immediately after a proper trim.

  1. With the foot in the air, hold the engraved surface of the gauge i.e. the scale plate firmly against the bottom of the trimmed hoof with the toe and side of the foot against the stop as shown in the illustration below.
  2. Adjust the placement of the gauge to align the backs of both heel buttresses with the same horizontal line on the scale plate, and note the length measurement.
  3. Gently slide the slider against the opposite side of the hoof, and note the width measurement.

A hoof in proper measuring position

Using the Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator

Before using the calculator, you must submit a password request (instructions included with purchase). Once you receive the confirmation email:

  1. Log onto the Hoof Boot Fitting Calculator page using your smart phone, tablet, or laptop.
  2. Select the hoof being measured from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the measured hoof length and hoof width in millimeters.
  4. Select whether or not the hairline angle has been verified from the drop-down menu. According to the manufacturer, the hairline angle (as viewed from the side) must be between 22° and 30° to ensure a proper Scoot Boot fit. To include boot models from Scoot Boot in the calculator results, the angle of the hairline must first be determined to be in the acceptable range by using either the Hairline Angle Gauge or a simple cutout paper template (instructions and template included with purchase).
  5. A list of models and sizes will be displayed from Cavallo, EasyCare, Equine Fusion, EVO, Renegade, and Scoot Boot.
  6. There are links to each of the included boot manufacturers’ websites available on a page displayed by using the “Links to Manufacturers’ Websites” link.
  7. The measurements and results may be emailed to yourself and/or your client by entering the desired email address in the “Recipient Email Address” box and pressing the “Email List” button.

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