Here are the graphics from my November 9th, 2019 AVCA presentation, along with (when appropriate) links to articles they (also) appear in –

– from The Myth of the Heel-First Landing – Part 3

– from Hoof Angles – Part 2 & “Three Little Words” – A Puzzle for Horse Owners

– from Navicular Disease – Part 1: Background

– from Navicular Disease – Part 3: Treatment & Prevention

The video showing the 3 types of landings can be seen in The Hoof Landings Tower of Babel, and the “bad landings” video can be seen, along with many other images and lots of information, in An Introduction to Hoof Care.

I very much enjoyed presenting to your group, and I sincerely hope to see you all again! and if you believe I can be of assistance with any of your clients, please contact me!

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