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Back in 2010, a friend gave me a belt that employed an inexpensive folding brass hoof pick in combination with a series of loops as its means of fastening. That sparked an idea for a buckle design utilizing a similar closure technique that would satisfy my desire to have some piece of apparel that was evocative of my respect and love for the horse that didn’t include a horseshoe motif. Hence, I started making this belt in 2014.


The buckle is cast in the USA in a choice of three materials/finishes: traditional polished brass, polished white bronze, and brushed brown bronze. Any buckle can combined with the belt, which is hand-made from harness leather in the USA in both brown and black, and is available in 7 sizes. The buckle attaches with Chicago screws – just like your reins – and can easily be turned over to accommodate the right- or left-handed wearer. This also permits buckles to readily be changed for different wardrobe choices. The belt is 1-1/4 inches wide (32mm), allowing it to fit in the belt loops of nearly all trousers, including jeans and most riding breeches.


It is especially important to measure properly to ensure a correct fit. Each belt size accommodates a range in fit of 5 inches (128mm). The available sizes are shown in the following chart –

To measure, wear trousers of the style you intend to wear the belt with. Thread a tape measure through the trouser belt loops, measure your waist size, and choose the appropriate size above. Note there is some overlap in sizes; you should generally choose the smaller size when there is an overlap for your size. For example, if your waist measures 29 inches, you should probably choose the 2530 size rather than the 2934 size; otherwise, the free end of the belt will be quite long, because you’ll be wearing the 2934 at its smallest size.


The belt and buckle are packaged together in an attractive twist-top metal tin, suitable for giving as a gift.

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To place an order:

  1. Select the appropriate belt & buckle combination and size under “Hoofprint Belt” and “Size,” and Add to Cart
  2. Use Paypal’s “Continue shopping” button to return to this page, and then look up your country’s Price Group here
  3. Select the appropriate Price Group under “Shipping” and Add to Cart
  4. Complete your purchase on the PayPal cart page

Note: Belts with buckles are packaged one each to a box. Please contact me for shipping pricing if you’d like to order a combination not on the list, such as an additional buckle or a pair of belts with a single buckle.

Hoofprint Belt



Brown Belt w/Polished Brass Buckle

Brown Belt w/Polished White Bronze Buckle

Brown Belt w/Brushed Brown Bronze Buckle

Black Belt w/Polished Brass Buckle

Black Belt w/Polished White Bronze Buckle

Black Belt w/Brushed Brown Bronze Buckle

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