Hoof Care

I am a Certified Practitioner through the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices (AANHCP), and a Certified Natural Hoof Care Professional through Liberated Horsemanship. All of my trimming is conducted strictly in accordance with AANHCP and Liberated Horsemanship philosophies and policies. I will be happy to assist you and your horse in making the transition to natural hoof care, but will not shoe a horse under any circumstances, so please don’t ask.

I’m also a Certified Booting Specialist through Liberated Horsemanship, and will provide assistance with fitting boots of any brand or style. Although I believe no single brand of boot is best for every horse under every circumstance, I find that Swiss Horse Boots seem to be the most universally applicable of any of the brands/styles currently on the market.

My current price schedule –

Trim Services Prices - January 2013

I also have certain expectations for my clients and their horses. Before contacting me for trimming, please familiarize yourself with my general policies/practices as outlined in my post entitled The Good Client.

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